And hitherto doth love on fortune tend, For who not needs shall never lack a friend, And who in want a hollow friend doth try Directly seasons him his enemy.

But that “hollow friend” bit is the key, isn’t it? If you have no needs, if you’re one of them that gets, sure, you may have all the friends you need, but they are all the more likely to be of the hollow variety.
My closest friends were forged in times where many of us lacked a lot in the resources department. Bosom friends will remain so even during the hard times.

You can, with too much desperation, even wear out a bosom friend – but a hollow friend, is sure to fly away in the face of need.
I suppose this is why when people make it big, they keep the friends they forged in poverty – because they already trust them. They have seen their merit, they have seen all the way through.
Hollow friends try and hitch a ride. True friends try and help you get there.


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