A second time I kill my husband dead When second husband kisses me in bed.

So dramatic, Queeny!
Killing your husband just with kissing.
But the thing is. A dead husband is already dead. Dead is kind of a one-time thing. You can only kill someone once. And you can only kill someone with actual killing, too, not with kisses (unless you have, like, poison lipstick like they do in spy stories or Doctor Who or comic books – then yes, sure, a poisoned kiss could kill someone, sure. . but. . .)
The only sorts of people that can be killed more than once are a) Gods b) videogame characters c) cats. But not really.
It would be rather amusing, though, to have a husband die, come back to life, he’s walking around, happy as you please and then keels over again as soon as his wife kisses her 2nd husband in bed.
Then he comes back to life again.
Then she kisses again.
He dies again.
She kisses.
He dies.
A loop of rebirth and death.

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