The instances that seemed marriage move Are base respects of thrift, but none of love.

Is this the 3rd mention of Thrift in this play? I believe it is.
And the 2nd that relates to marriage and thrift. Which makes me suspect these as some of the lines Hamlet has inserted into the Murder of Gonzago.
But why should a second marriage be more thrifty than first?
I can see how marriage in general is a good expense saver. Joining economic forces for two people makes good sense. And when one is lost, I guess the same economics hold true.
It is a very odd thing to say.
Especially as a Queen.
I mean, middle class folks might get married to save money but royalty? They get married for alliances, for politics, for kingdom security, etc – but thrift? I don’t know.
You could make the case that this line is one of Hamlet’s insertions because of the language/idea connection between thrift and marriage but it doesn’t explain what he could be hoping to accomplish with it. Is Royal thrift a different thing than middle class thrift?

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