Now what my love is, proof hath made you know, And as my love is sized, my fear is so.

When we were small, they had us each lie down on a big piece of paper and they drew an outline around our bodies.
We had a life-size paper outline of ourselves and we colored them in, giving us our own paper clothes and paper features. All lined up next to each other, you could see kids who were similarly sized.
Could we have our love lie down like this?
Have someone draw an outline around it with a thick scented marker? What shape would it be? What size?
I’d like to believe my love was bigger than me but I fear that it is smaller. And I’d like to believe my fear, were it subject to the same process, would be smaller than me but I fear that it is bigger.
But, let’s, for the sake of argument and literary symmetry, say that love and fear are the same size.
Let’s say their outlines are interchangeable.
Let’s say they are both me shaped, that each one’s outline is mine.
How would I color them in?
How would they be distinguished if not by size and shape?
It’s all theory until the day I get out the markers and the big paper to try it out.


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