For women fear too much, even as they love,And women’s fear and love hold quantity,In neither aught, or in extremity.

Do we?Do we all?

I’m not sure.

I know a lot of women who fear a great deal. They’re afraid of disease and of risky behavior. All things that it does make sense to fear, particularly if your own security depends on someone else’s life. When a woman is dependent on a man for her survival, it is only logical that she be a bit cautious for him as well.

But for those who are not dependent, the fear is not inevitable. Risky behavior might even be attractive.

Fear isn’t a given.

I have a lot of love.
And I have a quantity of fear, too – but it’s not for my partner really.

Sure, I’d rather he didn’t encounter disease or trouble in any way. But I’m not afraid of it. Not in him or in myself. 

The things I fear are more like: Will I ever find a way to make a decent living?


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