So long?

When I started this project, I was in a café that has now changed names and styles several times since. The last time I saw it, it was a Korean Barbeque restaurant. For all I know, it’s closed entirely now.

But then, it was a coffee shop – and I decided to embark on this project of using a sentence from Hamlet every day as my writing project. I remember doing some math – trying to work out how long it might take me to get through the entire play.

I remember thinking – “Gosh, I might be in my 40s by the time I’m done. “
Well – I’ve been in my 40s for a year now and I’m just coming up on the halfway point, I’d guess. The sense of time spreading out ahead of a person. . . well, it’s quite remarkable.

It is so long. And so short.
That café came and went. But this structure remained. And it could be a long time before I’ve exhausted it. It has been long enough and not quite as long as it could have been.


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