Nay, ‘tis twice two months, my lord.

Timeline check!
Event 1: King Hamlet’s death.

One month later (according to Hamlet’s soliloquy – can we trust it?)
Event 2: Gertrude and Claudius’ wedding
Which was a month from this moment of the play within the play?
That would put the enactment of King Hamlet’s murder on the calendar two months after his death. Or is it four months? Because I might trust Ophelia’s timeline more than Hamlet’s on this point and she’s saying it’s twice two months, which would seem like two times two months.
Is it possible that Hamlet is exaggerating the timeline?
Could it be two months between the funeral and the wedding and another two months since then?
And at what point in this timeline does the ghost show up? And why does the ghost show up? And why does he wait so long? He doesn’t show up at his own funeral or his wife’s wedding – no, he shows up when Denmark starts preparing for war.

How long is it from the start of this play to this middle point?


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