Masters, tell him of it.

So the clown isn’t there when Hamlet gives this speech? He’s laying into bad clowns when there aren’t even clowns in the room?
Where is the clown, then?
The play’s about to start and the clown’s not with the rest of the players?
Is he doing some special clown warm-ups?
(That’s what I’d be doing – rolling on my back, stretching, breathing, etc.) Or is he somehow making mischief already? Drinking? His separation from the rest of the players is curious.
It makes me wonder if the clown was a bit marginal even within the ranks of the players at this time. Is he both a member and NOT a member of the company?
A pariah?
A star?
The clown is often the audience favorite – maybe this particular clown is off getting a nice massage before he dives into his star turn in the Murder of Gonzago or The Mousetrap. Maybe he’s got a star on his door and can’t be bothered with meetings with princes/playwrights.

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