And blabbering with his lips and thus keeping in his cinque pace of jests when, God knows, the warm clown cannot make a jest unless by chance, as the blind man catcheth a hare.

If there’s one thing taking a lot of clown classes will give you, it’s the opportunity to see a lot of clowns fall into this sort of trap. I’ve seen blabbering of lips, crazy dancing and a non-stop torrent of JOKES JOKES JOKES – all of which fall as flat as a glass of seltzer a week after it came out of the bottle.
When you watch someone in this state, something being done authentically does feel as unlikely as a blind man catching a rabbit with his bare hands. The inevitability of failure is as forceful as a tornado heading straight for you.

I’m curious about the WARM part, though. Hot, I’d understand to be a clown on fire, a clown killing, a clown on a roll. I suppose a warm clown is NOT doing those things? Wouldn’t that be a cold clown?
That’s when I start to think about the humors – which generally operate on the extremes – cold being one thing, hot being another – maybe warm is undesirable because it is neither?
It’s just a curious word – because warmth usually has such positive associations and here it is obviously not desirable to be a warm clown. Maybe it’s like a warm spot in a swimming pool. . .not so desirable when you think about it.

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