I warrant your honour.

Wee-ooo. Weee-ooo. Weee-ooo. Punctuation police on the scene. We see here that this sentence ends in a period as sentences are wont to do – but we’re here to investigate the possibility that this line could end in a dash.

Mightn’t the drive of the scene be a little stronger if the First Player were about to swear to something, not just a warrant for warrants sake, but a. . .”I warrant your honor, we do our best to avoid out heroding herod.” Perhaps. Or a “I warrant your honor, we will be as gentle as any sucking dove.” This thought would then be interrupted by Hamlet, rather than a little turn taking.
I warrant your honor –
Or I warrant your honor . . .
Rather than
I warrant your honor.

Now the punctuation police aren’t authorized to make any changes of course but we’re always on the look out for new investigations.


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