be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.

How pure and chaste are ice and snow really? Any more pure or more chaste than water? And how interesting that both of these images are so cold. Is this where the archetype of the Ice Queen begins? Is it a glamorization of extreme chastity? Extreme purity? Is that what the attraction to women people call “Ice Queens” is?

I myself have never been an ice queen. I’m more of a warm cup of tea queen. Even when I was relatively chaste. I was as chaste as a warm cup of tea. As pure as a piece of toast. 
And for escaping calumny? I don’t know. I’ve dipped my pure toast in the occasional cup of tea, it’s true (Not often, it’s not so delicious.) Snow, though, when it gets dirty – it gets disgusting. I live in New York and the snow is so beautiful when it falls but days later it’s black and mottled and covered in cigarette butts.
I don’t see Ophelia going that way, though. She’s neither new-fallen snow nor dirty dingy snow. She’s probably like the rest of us, happily somewhere in the middle. 


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