O, help him, you sweet heavens!

I read an article about Virginia Johnson – of Masters of Johnson – of the human sexuality research – subject of the book and TV show, Masters of Sex. In the article, the author of the book quotes Johnson as having a realization late in her life. She says something like “I guess I did love him.” Which, we’re given to understand, from all these many sources, might have been a difficult task. Dr. Masters being something of a prickly pear. A brilliant pear but prickly none the less. In watching the TV show, there’s a sense that she can’t help but want to help him. That she’d be more likely to pray for the heavens to help him before praying for herself. Maybe because she loved him. Or maybe because she believed in his work so completely. Or both.

Anyway, I understand both these varieties. I guess I do love my own (only slightly) prickly pear and would be very much inclined to pray (if I were inclined to pray at all) for the heavens to help him before I asked for their intervention of my own behalf.

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