Believe none of us.

There was a period in which I was convinced that all men were liars. This was mostly because the one that I fell for first was a bit of a player. Well, a player in high school. . .so a certain kind of player. He was a charmer. Handsome with a disarming smile. And when I realized he’d been flirting with me all summer, I sat up in bed with astonishment. I’d had no idea but when I thought back on it, it was very clear. I thought he was the first to ever flirt with me but I think now he was probably just the first I understood to be flirting.

And he teased me for loving him. And then he just stopped calling. The next time I heard about him was in a story about a debaucherous spring break experience. I believe it involved a puddle of his semen.

So I was a little bit primed to believe that men were not to be believed.

When really it was just boys. And not all boys – just the ones that were so good at flirting they could charm you into their cars when you’d definitely sworn you wouldn’t go.

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