My lord?

I hope this isn’t Ophelia’s pet name for Hamlet. When they’re out to the movies, or whatever, I hope she’s not like, “Put your arm around me, my lord.” I hope she’s not like, “Oh, kiss me again, my lord.”
“My lord, my lord, my lord.”

I have to wonder what she actually calls him when they’re alone. Now, of course, it’s possible in this society, that they’ve never been alone – but many signs would point to the opposite being true. Let’s assume they’ve had some private conversations and let’s assume they’ve had some physical intimacy. And if all of those things are true, then she MUST have been calling him SOMETHING besides “my lord,” and if she’s been calling him other things and then calls him my lord in every sentence suddenly, well, it must send up kind of red flag for Hamlet, especially if he spent some time at the top of their relationship getting her to call him Hamlet or something.


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