Then senseless Ilium, Seeming to feel this blow, with flaming top Stoops to his base, and with a hideous crash Takes a prisoner Pyrrhus’ ear. This is some highly sympathetic architecture. It’s leader falls and so does its highest point. The highest in stature falls with the highest in status. The doubling of man and tower falling is so stunning it can freeze a blood-armored villain in his track.

Of course now – the image of a falling tower is a little too present in the minds of my contemporaries. It is hard to imagine a building stooping to its base without envisioning our own city’s towers falling to their knees in smoke and flame. And while our highest in status didn’t fall that day – so many of higher purpose and heroic proportions did. There’s something about the poignancy of the metaphor that becomes less symbolic and more the memory of the smell of smoke, lingering in the air for so many days.


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