Unequal matched, Pyrrhus drives, in rage strikes wide, But with the whiff and wind of his fell sword Th’unnervéd father falls.

1) What is Pyrrhus so mad about? He would seem to be winning. And why is he so mad that his aim suffers? He seems to have done a great job of killing folks this far.

2) Has Pyrrhus knocked Priam down without actually touching him with his sword? It sounds like just the disturbance of the air around the slash of the sword is what causes Priam to fall. It’s either a super powerful, earthshaking arc of a sword wake or Priam’s so unsteady on his feet that a strong wind blows him over. I guess he is unnervéd and if I’d just lost everything like him, I’d probably fall over when someone waved a sword in my direction. Whiff, wind, fall.

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