One speech in’t I chiefly loved.

I chiefly love that speech too. Its language is chewy and bloody and full of muscle. It draws attention to itself as beautiful language. I love “coagulate gore” adore “roasted in wrath and fire” and the mobled queen running barefoot up and down.

It feels like Shakespeare the poet pushes his way past Shakespeare the dramatist and says, “Look what I would do if I didn’t care about action!” It’s showy and tremendous. I love it. I want to bite into it and consume it.

I also envy Hamlet’s ability to hear something once and recall it. If I were in this scene, I’d be all like, “Hey, can you say that part about the coagulate gore? It’s like, Priam, or Pyrrhus or Aeneas talking about those guys? And there’s something about a milky head? Can you do that one?”

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