The actors are come hither, my lord.

There is still, hidden away somewhere, a deep romance in me for acting and for actors. I may roll my eyes when I meet yet another actor and have to take a deep breath as yet another long story begins to boom out of yet another actorly mouth, but I can, at times, remember the romantic sense of the art.

Lines like this send a little flutter of it past me, like a butterfly riding a breeze. While the realities of touring are grueling and frustrating, they can also be sweet. It is a rush to be introduced in this way. It brings to mind the feeling of walking into a new theatre in a place you’ve never been and looking around, filling the place with your imagination, seeking out the surprising bits of architecture you might take advantage of, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various angles on the stage.

It is more than the sweetness of an empty stage. It is an empty stage that you will shortly take ownership of, discovering it and the people who sit before it all at once.
It could almost make me get back on the road again.


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