Buzz, buzz.

A game show buzzer.
A bee flying around the room.
A fella named Buzz who likes his burgers.
A chainsaw getting ready for work.
A little boy getting his haircut for the first time with electric clippers.
Someone calls kissing bussing but this time used a Z to give it more bite.
The sound of a crowd murmuring with anticipation.
A vibrator.
A new washing machine that makes a noise to let you know it’s done.
A cell phone set with a buzzing ringtone.
A faulty electrical outlet that sparks every time you plug something in.
Electroshock therapy.
The memory they implanted that mouse with.
The button that somebody got for Jacob that got pushed whenever he was being an asshole. It got pushed a lot and nobody enjoyed it more than Jacob. Jonathan eventually ran over it with the van.
Dragonflies’ wings sort of buzz too – when they fly real fast and right past you.


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