Be you and I behind an arras then.

Be you and I behind an arras then.

There are fewer places to hide in a contemporary house, not quite so many arrases hanging about. You might find a floor length curtain in an old fashioned estate home or some folks who decorate that way. My grandparents had curtains that went to the floor, you could hide behind those – except they sold that house and those curtains along with it. If you wanted to hide at their house now, you’d have to get into a closet – and those are much more intense sound mufflers.
I am somewhat nostalgic for curtains and arrases but I wonder if having fewer places to hide has made us a more forthright people. Perhaps with more lives out in the open and, along with a great reduction in long sharp objects, we end up with fewer accidental arras deaths and a modicum less of violence.

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