Heavens make our presence and our practices Pleasant and helpful to him!

Guildenstern got religion at some point in their childhood. He loved the ritual and structure of church and was often making pleas to heaven, head upturned, hands open in supplication. It got more pronounced in his teenage years and as he aged his religiosity grew.
He lived in a religious world so the people around him always had to nod, say “Amen” and thank him for his prayers – but not a small number of his peers wished he’d shut up about it already. He gave all credit to God and none to the people before him and this often grated on the nerves of the people around him.
When his buddy went out of his way to help move his stuff, sweated, lifted, carried, made it all go smoothly, Guildenstern gave all his gratitude and praise to God, while the man who’d cut his hand on Guildenstern’s desk, bled, thankless.
It was hard to argue with, though.
Certainly, by a neat trick of theology, he could credit everything to God. God made the man who helped him, therefore thanks were due to God. Sure.
Heaven had a lot to do in Guildenstern’s world. He kept it pretty busy.