Faith, no, as you may season it in the charge.

Someone please explain to me how seasoning the accusation of a kid going whoring will make it less dishonorable. I’m all for shades of grey, for ambiguities, for moral wiggle room but this one seems pretty cut and dried. You’re either paying women to have sex with you or you’re not.
A “Yes, but she was a high-class hooker, not a street hustler.” doesn’t really get you off the hook, it just proves you have more money.
“Yes but he only goes whoring when he’s out of town feeling lonely.”
“Yes, but he’s only on occasional John, he’s not a regular.”
“Yes, but he’s a very respectful buyer of women’s bodies. He always makes sure he leaves a nice tip.”
I just don’t quite understand how Reynaldo could temper this particular “slip.”

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