My lord, that would dishonor him.

Drabbing will still lead to dishonor in this day and age. Secret Service agents, movie stars, District Attorneys are all vulnerable to public shaming for dabbling in drabbing. Surely many a publicist and PR team has done enormous damage control of their clients honor. It’s not as if drabbing doesn’t happen. The culture is way too obsessed with empty sexuality for the practice to vanish all together.
But it is no badge of honor to confess it. You wouldn’t put your drabbing on your Facebook page or Tweet it or post pics on your tumblr. If someone caught wind, your job might be in jeopardy, your relationships upended, your public life clouded in shame. Not to mention the possibility that you could be arrested. I wonder if part of the allure is in its secrecy, in its inherent dishonor and ill repute.


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