But let this same be presently perform’d, Even while men’s minds are wild.

Wild is an interesting choice of words here. Is it a sense of unschooled? Uninformed? Because Horatio’s concern is that they don’t know the story yet – so is it his idea that his story will tame them? Are “men” going mad because they do not yet know the facts? Probably not. But the notion maybe is that the men’s minds are wild, as in a little out there. Like the men’s minds are the jungle and his story will hack through it and turn their minds into civilization.

A wild mind isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. Natalie Goldberg wrote a book on creativity called Wild Mind and the goal was to access the wild mind, to let the wildness loose to create.

I’m sure that’s not the kind of wild mind Horatio is concerned with but it is the kind of wild mind I love.


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