O proud death, What feast is toward in thine eternal cell, That thou so many princes at a shot So bloodily hast struck?

The conceit here is that Death is having a party at his place and invited all these royals to be there. Unfortunately, the only way to get to Death’s place is to die so Death did all this just to boost his guest list?  I mean how many princes do you need at a feast?

The thing is, though, I doubt that princes are the most fun to have over. Most of them tend to be a little bit too buttoned up or if they’re not buttoned up, they’re probably super rebellious and out of control. So, if I were Death, I’m not sure I’d be bringing Princes to my feasts. I’d much rather have a bunch of artists. Maybe some circus performers, stand-up comedians and some sculptors. They’d be a lot more fun at a party. Or just, like, someone who does a regular old job but is Mr. or Ms. Party Person.

Not that I’m advocating for Death to go on an artist murdering spree or a massacre of the fun people. Maybe Princes are a better idea. Yeah, yeah, feast with Princes.

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