Let go.

It’s funny that Horatio chooses to wrestle with Hamlet over this cup, right at the hour of his death. I mean, there’s a lot of things I’d choose to do at the side of a dying person – sing to them, ask them if there’s anything they need, adjust their comfort in some way, hug them, hold their hand, brush their hair, share stories, share jokes – but one thing I would not do is make them try to take something from me. Hamlet can’t be at his strongest and yet here’s Horatio holding onto this cup of poison wine while Hamlet struggles to get it from him.
If he wants to kill himself with it – why not wait until Hamlet is dead and save him the energy in his last moments on earth?

The reason to do it now is to show Hamlet he means to do it and if Hamlet doesn’t like it – just let that cup go!

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