I am more an antique Roman than a Dane.

But he’s not a Dane at all, right?

And if he’s saying he’s an antique Roman, he’s probably not just regular Roman.

I wouldn’t say, “I’m more a founding American than a Dane.“

All of the things have to NOT be who he is for this line to make sense.

Where is he FROM?

Not Rome.
Not Denmark.
With a name like Horatio, he could be from another Italian city or another Latinate city, in say, Spain or Portugal.

But Horatio is really an Anglicized Latinate name, I think. Might he be English?

In Italian, Horatio isn’t really a name. Orazio would be the Italian version.

Is Horatio named for the Roman Horace (Horatius?) I can imagine that Shakespeare might name a character after him. He surely studied Horace in his schooling. Horace wrote iambic poetry.


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