The point envenom’d too!

This was punctuated on Genius as – “The Point! –envenom’d too!”

Which is just so bizarre and I cannot imagine the editor who would make that choice. I would like to hear a justification for it – but meanwhile, I’m just going with the way it is usually written.

The exclamation point makes sense. But two of them?

Is it an attempt to separate out the unbatedness of the sword and the poisoning of the blade? Because the fact that the sword is sharp is not news to Hamlet at this point. He already knows about that dirty bit of business because he has been wounded with it. He has felt how unblunted that sword is. His flesh has been opened and bled due to the sharp point of the blade. He knows that part. He has already reacted to that surprise by sticking Laertes with the same sharp blade. The NEWS here is that there was poison on the weapon that is currently killing him. The NEWS is that the sword he (probably still) has in his hand is a very dangerous weapon. How dangerous is one of the things he’s just learned here.

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