If your mind dislike anything, Obey it.

Words to live by. And I think I am getting better and better at both the recognizing of dislike and at obeying the impulse. In the past, the vast majority of my mistakes were of the “should have trusted my instincts” variety.

I trust them now. There are some occasions wherein I can’t tell if the dislike is the sort to be heeded and obeyed or the kind that needs to be grappled with in order to accomplish something I really want.

Usually, the context is something my higher self has set in motion – a show, for example or a project. And then mid-way through, parts of me start getting upset and wanting to quit and to never have to feel this way again – but those pangs are mostly fear. The dislike caused by fear is the sort that is better to be disobeyed. Obey the big picture Nos and disobey the ones triggered by fear.


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