I mean, sir, for his weapon.

It is interesting how “weapon” can so easily become a euphemism for penis. Osric surely doesn’t mean it that way but any group of actors is very likely to make this joke between shows or in rehearsal. Penis as a weapon is one of those long standing jokes – sword, dagger, rapier, etc.
And it’s funny, it’s funny, It’s so funny.

But there have been quite a few men who have, historically, used their penises as weapons. Rape is basically the weaponization of the penis.

I don’t understand how anyone would enjoy part of his body inflicting pain and trauma on another person. If I “lost control” of my knee sometimes and just “couldn’t help myself” and couldn’t stop kneeing dudes in the balls, I feel like I’d develop a sort of complicated relationship with my knee. Like, I’d need the knee to walk and to dance and what not but also, there it is – just, compulsively forcing itself into men’s crotches.

I feel like I would take precautions. I would find ways to mitigate my knee’s dark impulses. Maybe wrap it in bubble wrap? Hang signs from it that said, “Men beware, this knee wants to kick you. Maintain a distance of four feet at all times.”

If my knee were a weapon, I’d hope I would find ways to keep it sheathed. And for the men who don’t see their penises as weapons, those men seem like can just enjoy a part of their bodies and women’s bodies as well. It doesn’t really seem like it’s that difficult to just have a body with different parts and treat all other bodies with respect.

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