But, in the Verity of extolment, I take him to be a soul of Great article.

Ah, the verity of extolment!
I’m writing this on the day of Dr. Ford’s testimony about Brett Kavanagh. And thinking about how high the praise has been of him by those who would like to see him seated on the Supreme Court.
I can see the verity of their claims. Oh, he is a great dad! Oh, he is a dedicated church goer! What a good guy! But you know what, fuckers?
Bill Cosby was also a great dad. He was America’s Dad when I was a kid. We all wanted Bill Cosby to be our father, too. But turns out – you can be a great dad and ALSO a rapist. You can go to church every Sunday and still commit sexual assault. The verity of your extolment doesn’t make the other things NOT true. It’s like none of these people ever read a book, watched a play or saw a movie. Bad guys don’t always look like bad guys, you knuckle heads.
Even Richard the murderous fucking Third knew how to appear pious.

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