Sir, this is the matter, –

This is one of those moments where the slowness with which I manage to post these little moments comes around in such an uncanny circular way. I wrote this post during the Kavanagh hearings and I then went to post it on the day that Amy Coney Barrett, handmaid of the patriarchy, was confirmed and sworn in. I did not post on that day. I felt there was something I needed to add here, at the top, where I could point to the circles of time that make all these things revolve and revolve in such a terrible way.

It’s also a curious circle, in that, this Kavanaugh situation prompted me to write a blog post about becoming a dragon. It was a small hit. And a few months later, that blog post inspired a piece that has since become the audio drama podcast that I’ve been making throughout this pandemic and am just one episode away from completing. In seeing the beginning of this Kavanaugh cycle, I’m now wondering what horrors this new awful Supreme Court confirmation will yield and what blog posts it will inspire, which maybe, if I’m lucky inspire me to make another piece of work.

A lot has happened in two years.

I don’t know what madness might be in the air when you read this but I hope that it isn’t this particular pocket of enabling again.


My sympathy for Osric is slightly reduced today. I find that the goings on in the Supreme Court Confirmation news has made me less sympathetic to enablers of shitty powerful men. Today I am full of fury and am ready to destroy the patriarchy – starting from the shitty head of this country and just going full beserker outward. Osric would not escape my revolutionary fury today. Today I see him as all the enablers on Twitter trying to say that a little attempted rape at age 17 isn’t really a big deal, boys will boys, boys will just cover the mouths of women screaming to be let go, boys will just turn up the music to avoid being caught raping. Today I see him delivering these kinds of messages, the invitations to power’s center, the welcome to the bloodbaths.

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