And is’t not to be damn’d, To let this canker of our nature come In further evil?

Slippery slope, this.
I mean. Morally, yes.
One fully understands why killing Hitler before he can kill anyone is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. It does feel moral to kill a killer like him before he can kill.
But to be damned for it?
Let’s say you had a chance to kill Hitler and you didn’t do it. You wanted to. You felt it was the right thing to do but your stomach turned so at the thought of murder, that you failed to turn the knife. Would this God punish you for such a failure?
I mean – it seems to me that the law of the religion is pretty clear. It’s “Thou shalt not kill.” Period.

Not – ‘Thou shalt not kill unless the person you’re killing is a villainous killer, in which case you are obligated to kill. So don’t kill unless you really have to and if you really have to and you don’t, then you’re looking at an eternity in the damnation machine. Clear?”

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