Woo’t weep?

I woo’t.
I woo’t weep a lot.
I have been thinking about this quite a bit recently. I started to wonder about how often I weep. I weep at almost any release. I weep during Awareness Through Movement Lessons all the time – when I soften my chest, when I lengthen my side, when I let my breath go, when I give over to the floor. I didn’t use to weep like that when I was in training but I think it was mostly because I was surrounded by dozens of people.

I wept the other day while re-watching an episode of Slings and Arrows – the one at Oliver’s memorial service, when Geoffrey eulogizes not just Oliver but what he once believed about the power of theatre. Tears were streaming down my face while he talked about regimes being toppled and love re-kindled by the power of a show and the recognition that it was a silly idea really.

Anyway – I woo’t weep a lot, really. And I sometimes wonder about that. To the outside world, I know many see me as a happy, joyful presence. But maybe I’m able to project that because I also give myself permission to weep and weep and weep and weep. Even for silly ideas like theatre.


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