Of all the days i’the year, I came to’t that day that our last King Hamlet overcame Fortinbras.

Oh, you mean the day that the ghost Hamlet is stuck in, the one he’s wearing his outfit from, despite the fact that thirty some years have passed?
This day is, uh, kind of important I guess. Also – turns out Hamlet was born on the same day his dad was sledding the dreaded pole-axe/pollacks on the ice?
I mean – one would think that old King Hamlet’s defeat of old Fortinbras had cosmic resonance.
1) The ghost is dressed in his heroic Fortinbras defeating outfit.
2) Hamlet was born on that day
3) Young Fortinbras “defeats” young Hamlet with no effort at all, due to his turning up and finding the entire Danish court dead.
One might start to think that tremendous acts of violence have consequences.

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