In youth, when I did love, did love, Methought it was very sweet, To contract, O, the time, for, ah my behove, O, methought, there was nothing meet.

This song that the gravedigger sings is based on poem called “The Aged Lover Renounceth Love” by Second Baron Vaux of Harrowden Thomas, Lord Vaux. I wish we could get a copy of the Billboard Hot 100 charts of the Renaissance to find out if there was indeed a popular song of the times based on this poem. Two verses hew pretty close to the poem but the third is tailored to the gravedigger – it’s almost a parody verse. I suspect that would be all the funnier if the audience knew the song.
Like, if the gravedigger sang two normal verses of “Don’t Stop Believin’” and then added one about gravediggers.


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