Give me leave.

This is a phrase that I would very much like to bring back into common parlance. I particularly feel it would be useful for me and my fellow women. It would work like a Shakespearean “Reclaiming my time” – just, like, you’re interrupted and instead of having to say “Stop interrupting me!” You can just say, “Give me leave” and continue. Instead of the multitude of qualifiers many of us feel compelled to use before speaking, we could just say “Give me leave” and go. No more “If I could just raise a point” or “I don’t mean to refute you but – “ Just “Give me leave!”
Give me leave.
Give me leave.
Give me leave.
Not please give me leave.
Not. If it’s not too much trouble, give me leave.
Just. Give me leave. Give me leave.
I’m reclaiming my time.


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