I tell thee she is:

I have some questions about the power dynamic between these two gravediggers. Normally in a comedy duo, you have the boss and the 2nd and/or the smart one and the stupid one. But these two keep switching status. The first gravedigger would seem to have the highest status because he speaks first but then the second gravedigger responds with a commanding, “I tell thee she is” and then an order. Sometimes the first one gives the orders and sometimes the 2nd. In the end, the first sends the 2nd for refreshment so he would seem to be top banana – but it is not readily apparent from the dialogue. The 2nd really loses his status when he fails to tell a joke well – and so the 1st can send him away.

I almost always see this played as if the Gravedigger who speaks first is the boss – but I think it would be very interesting to see them as equals, in a status competition until the 2nd loses.


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