Let’s further think of this;

On Medium, they post a ballpark figure for how long it will take you to read a post. My posts on STFSA tend to be about four minute reads, four to six, really. But in the last few months, I’ve become immersed in writing about my generation, Generation X.

And just when I think I have exhausted my thoughts on the subject, something new emerges.
For example, after I posted my blog related to film depictions of masculinity in the 80s, my boyfriend pointed out that most of the movies about young people in the 80s, the movies about Gen X-ers, were made by Baby Boomers. This led to the question of who the Gen X filmmakers are and how they might be influencing the subsequent generations. We felt like we had an epiphany in thinking about the influence of Wes Anderson on the current crop of young folk.
All these ideas are underdeveloped as of yet – but they bear further thought. There’s always more to consider.


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