Hamlet return’d shall know you are come home:

– Oh, by the way, Osric, Laertes has come home. Did you hear?

– Oh, what? Laertes has come home? No, I didn’t hear that Laertes had come home. I hear he’s pretty good at fencing.

– Pretty good? Why he’s impossible to beat! A French guy came through here recently and he could not shut up about how good at fencing Laertes is.

– How good is he?

– Why he’s so good, all the best fencers are lining up to get a chance to play with him.

– And he’s home now, did you say?

– He’s home.

– I bet that Hamlet wouldn’t want to challenge him.

– No?

– No – I mean, he’s so good. He would be hard to beat.

– You mean, Laertes. Who is at home.

– Yes, Laertes. Who’s just come home.


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