Hamlet comes back.

This could be the title of a sequel.

The Prince of Denmark, Part 2: Hamlet comes back.
It’s a zombie film, obviously.
Hamlet rises from his tomb where Fortinbras has buried him. He has been buried alongside the rest of the royal family. When he rises, his father and uncle have already arisen, along with his mother who has watched them tear one another apart. She appeals to her son to help her upon his zombie awakening but he’s not so keen. Instead he goes on the hunt for Zombie Ophelia who has been buried by her brother and father. Over protective in her life, they have become extremely so in her death and are prepared to keep Hamlet from her at any cost. However, death has freed Zombie Ophelia from her previous subjected state and she will not hesitate to use a relative’s thigh bone to bash her way toward what she wants.
King Fortinbras is a bit of an absent ruler as he now has several countries to look after and simply does not have time to deal with the Zombie infestation at Elsinore. He has left Horatio in charge, who is quite conflicted about his loyalties to his old (now zombified) friend and his obligation to King Fortinbras.
In this play, it is Horatio who has the bulk of the soliloquies, as he is the human with something to solve.

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