That we could do We should do when we would;

Nice and vague, Mr. King. Nice and vague.
Way to sneak up on the murdering you have in mind.
Many murderers or planners of evil deeds have some of the best vague but purposeful language. I’d quite enjoy a side by side comparison of evil-doers and their vague-ness – that word is made of vague-eries that I just made up…but I’d put Claudius next to this one.
Macbeth can’t even be clear with himself, he’s so vague. “If it were done when tis done twere well it were done quickly.” Others in the canon don’t immediately spring to mind – but the famous “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” comes to mind and that same reference just recently came up in James Comey’s hearing about the things Lil Donnie T said to him. I’m starting to think that using vague language like this might be a signal that there is evil afoot.

And as I read this, over a year later, I have just heard an interview with former FBI director, Andrew McCabe, who mentioned that mob bosses have this habit as well. They don’t ever come out and say what they want done, they hint at it, suggest it, hope for it.

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