A Norman.

The Genius note on this line features a photo of Norm from Cheers. I enjoy that. It’s partly why I love Genius – it has that mix of high and low brow – just like Shakespeare.

Genius began its life as RapGenius and that spirit still runs through the enterprise but maybe the rap side doesn’t show up on the Shakespeare as much as I’d like. I want more gifs. More memes. I should probably do that myself – but I don’t really think in a meme/gif way. I also don’t think in Tweets somehow. I’m not, like, bite-sized, I guess.

It’s always more complicated than that with me. I love the picture of Norm on the Genius note but I start thinking of Normans and I want to add Norman Rockwell and then I want to look up a list of all the other famous Normans and the joke is long dead before I get there.


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