Do you see this, O God?

I saw a clip of the Orange Man in Chief in which he was asked about his thoughts on God. He proceeded to give evidence of the Higher Power that could be best summed up as “There must be a God because look at all this cool stuff I own!” And given the way so many equate wealth with goodness, I’m sure he sees it as God’s approval of him.
Many people see it that way. That God is like Santa Claus and when he likes what you’re doing, he gives you cool stuff. I’m no religious scholar but I’m pretty sure that’s not what most religions are after.

And so. Here it is. Day 11 of the Crazy Administration and people are already dying. People are already being ripped from their families. A baby was denied food for 18 hours because her mother was on one side of the airport divide and she on the other.
Do you see this?
Hey, God…the one who’s supposed to reward good behavior and punish bad…what are you doing?
Are you missing what’s happening here?
Luckily, I follow God on Twitter and he is smiting like crazy. Sometimes he gets banned from Facebook for his smiting of religious hypocrites but this God is watching at least.

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