I would give you Some violets, but they withered all when my father died.

Did they? Really?
I mean. It would add a whole new supernatural element to this play if this were true. As Hamlet stabs Polonius, all the little purple flowers withered and died as well? That’s horses eating each other territory.
And why violets? Why would all the flowers survive Polonius’ death and this one not?
Violets, I think, are associated with love – so love dies when Polonius dies? Hmmm. And again, I’m not sure thinking symbolically is at the top of a madwoman’s list of things to do.
If I were taxed with playing this role and justifying this line – I might make it personal. I might decide that violets were Polonius’ favorite flower and so they wither in solidarity with him because he loved them. Or perhaps they would be Ophelia’s favorite flower and their withering is her own despair.

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