Pray, love, remember.

It’s interesting, the effect of this comma before love.
Usually, I hear or see this line as Pray Love, Remember. As if she’s calling someone “Love” – usually Laertes…or, as some editions will suggest that she’s confusing Hamlet and Laertes and calling her brother “Love” when she shouldn’t which is some big misstep like calling your father “baby.”
But with this comma here between Pray and Love…it becomes a list. It’s three things to do 1) Pray 2) Love 3) Remember.
I wonder, though, if there’s some discrepancy in text…I’ve also usually heard this line as “Pray you, love, remember.” Which leads one to the calling someone “Love” idea more than without the you. But still…even then…it could be three things to do. And we know Shakespeare loved his lists!

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