Do not fear our person.

Really? The royal we? The royal our here? To his wife? Do not fear our person is very formal language. Very formal. And it’s usually explained as an explanation for why Gertrude should let Laertes go – as she should not fear “our person.” But I wonder if it might be to Laertes, given the formality of the language.
Or rather – it may be said TO Gertrude but it is for the benefit of Laertes…a way to tell him without telling him that he, Claudius, was not afraid.
Or maybe even better – to formally declare he is not afraid of death – that he is protected by some divine bubble. It’s like, a sideways way to say he’s leading a charmed life. He might as well be declaring he can’t be killed except by someone not born of woman. But he would never say it directly…so, sure, he can tell Gertrude not to be afraid for him but it is really a way to shift the fear onto Laertes. To make him hesitate to run a sword through him.

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