I thank you:

Laertes, man of the people.
Laertes, the man with the power to get a horde of people to break down the king’s doors – a thing that very likely could get them killed or jailed.
Laertes, able to wrangle a whole royal support team in no time flat.
Laertes, a man with his father’s political savvy and his own charm and brute strength.
Laertes, thanks his rioters. It is a sign of his skill, I think. Not every noble would thank the plebs that got him through the door. Coriolanus wouldn’t, for example. Or Timon (once he’d been disillusioned.)
But Laertes has his supporters in the palm of his hand. He can have them both advance and retreat. Getting them to retreat is the harder skill, I’d warrant.

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