It springs All from her father’s death.

There’s something about this emphasis on ALL that raises some red flags, some questions. Because what is Claudius hiding that he needs to say “All”? It’s obvious that Polonius’ death is the trigger. And the other major contender for madness might be her dysfunctional relationship with Hamlet – which Claudius would have no motivation to hide.
It’s like – the use of the word “all” and its placement at the beginning of the sentence seem to make it pop. Sure. You could read it with a regular iambic pentameter rhythm and unemphasize it – But then you’re emphasizing “from” – which is generally weird.
Emphasizing a preposition when there’s a word like “all” around is not USUALLY the most effective way in to a sentence. But you could do that.
Still, though, that ALL is sitting there like a big neon sign for me. All All All. Nothing to see here.
Which, again, supports my very weird counter narrative of Claudius being somehow implicated in Ophelia’s madness. I mean I wouldn’t put it past him.

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