My brother shall know of it.

I wonder what my life would have been like with a big brother. To have someone to go to, who would leap to my defense when I was attacked. My little brother did this for me once, when he was very young and it astonished me. I had no real experience of being defended before. I just expected I would always have to be on the defense myself.
I am partnered with a man who is a big brother to 2 siblings and his big brother game is strong. I can see it in his offers to punch people for me or go down there and see to that! And for some people, that’s a sort of old school man leaping to violence to defend his woman – but for me – it’s incredibly touching and makes me feel safe in a way I never did as a child. I don’t think my partner would ACTUALLY go to that guy’s office and tear his throat out but the offer, the suggestion, the feeling of that defense is a relief.
His big brother impulse can also come out in that teasing, taunting thing big brother’s can do. But I don’t find that amusing – not one bit – so he’s left that part by the wayside with me. Gratefully.
If Ophelia were my partner’s sister, he’d be better than Laertes in that he’d be primarily concerned about his sister before he went about knocking heads.

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